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Fine rod quenching equipment is used for bar quenching and heat treatment in Metal heat treatment industry. because the rod is finer than the general workpiece, it is easy to deform slightly inadvertently in the process of quenching heat treatment, so the requirement of fine bar quenching equipment is relatively high in the process of quenching!

Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical Factory has been committed to the research and development of induction quenching equipment for more than ten years. In order to ensure that the workpiece does not deform in the quenching process, we have the following innovations in technology! the conveying roller table: the roller table axis and the workpiece axis angle is 18 °21 °, while the workpiece is self-transmitted and moving forward at a uniform speed to make the heating more uniform. The roller table between the furnace body adopts 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and water cooling. Other parts of the roller table 45 steel made and surface quenching. Roller table grouping: feed group, sensor group and discharge group are controlled independently, which is beneficial to continuous heating without gap between workpieces. Temperature closed-loop system: both quenching and tempering are made up of American Reitai infrared thermometer and Siemens S7 in Germany to control the temperature accurately.

FOREVER electromechanical induction heating equipment manufacturers have produced metal heat treatment equipment for bar quenching for Hebei, Shandong, Beijing, Northeast, Jingsu and other regions for more than 10 years. Our equipment does not deform, does not crack in the process of quenching, and is trusted by customers!


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