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The steel bar heat treatment furnace with induction heating technology will become the main equipment for the development of heat treatment in the future.

The steel bar heat treatment furnace with induction heating technology will become the main equipment for the development of heat treatment in the future.

Steel bar heat treatment furnace is an important means of heat treatment in modern metal industry. As early as 770 BC to 222 BC, we have already known the process of making different tools by heating steel and other changes. Through certain heat treatment of metal, the internal structure of the metal workpiece can be changed to a certain extent, so that the metal workpiece can reach the desired level.

With the development of the times, the heat treatment process is becoming more and more advanced. Because of the different heat treatment process, the shape and size of the workpiece need to be processed are different. There are many kinds of heat treatment furnace, such as coal-fired furnace, oil-fired furnace and gas-fired furnace, in addition, there are resistance furnace, electrode furnace, induction heating furnace which take the electric energy as heat source. According to the furnace heating medium: gas as the heating medium, such as air, flue gas, control atmosphere, vacuum and so on; liquid as the heating medium, such as molten salt, molten lead and so on; solid as the heating medium, such as mobile particle furnace.

At present, China’s energy is declining sharply, people’s awareness of environmental protection is becoming more and more important. To protect resources, environmental protection is now an urgent task to be done. Because of the serious pollution and waste of resources and energy consumption of the heating furnace with fuel combustion as heat source, it has been gradually eliminated by the modern heat treatment industry. For the heating furnace which takes gas, liquid as the medium, the labor intensity is bigh, poor working conditions and other characteristics are gradually being eliminated. The bar induction hardening and tempering equipment taking the electromagnetic induction as the heating method is the new heat treatment way in the modern industries. This heating method has the advantages of high heating speed, energy saving, low power consumption, environmental protection, automatic and intelligent production, stable quality, reliable performance and customized production. Induction heating has gradually replaced the traditional heat treatment and become a major induction heat treatment equipment in modern heat treatment industry.

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