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The steel bar heat treatment furnace makes heat treatment more efficient and easier.

The steel bar heat treatment furnace makes heat treatment more efficient and easier.

Under the influence of economic globalization and information technology revolution, heat treatment enterprises pay more and more attention to the development of intelligence. These years. Forever has been working day and night to study the technology and make great efforts to innovate in order to enable the bar heat treatment furnace industry in China to catch up with the pace of international advanced heat treatment as soon as possible.

In the new round of technological renovation, Forever technology and patent layout has been actively carried out. At present, the company has many national patents for invention and utility models. As an important member in the field of induction heat treatment, Forever plays an important role in promoting the development of induction heat treatment equipment in China.

Forever bar heat treatment furnace is not only a kind of simple heat treatment equipment. Compared with the traditional heat treatment equipment, Forever bar heat treatment furnace saves energy consumption, is safe and environmental protection, has reliable quality and stable performance. It adopts PLC control system for automatic and intelligent production. PLC can control various types of machinery or production processes in many ways. This device has strong versatility, strong anti-interference ability, reliable and stable, easy to use and simple programming. In the field of industry, with the continuous development of computer technology, the application of PLC control technology in the field of industrial control will become the inevitable trend of the development of science and technology in the world. At the same time, Forever induction heat treatment equipment has automatic monitoring and self-diagnosis function, that is, when the system is abnormal automatically stop operation and send out alarm signals, through software fault detection and program testing. The device is designed with PLC touch screen and easy to operate.

With induction heating wide application in various kinds of industries, many users prefer to choose induction heating technology for their heat treatment process of workpiece as it can not only allow users to do heat treatment for different sizes of bars or tubes in a very flexible way but also can have better heat treatment effect than other heating method.

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