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The screw bar heat treatment furnace considers the users in many respects !

The screw bar heat treatment furnace considers the users in many respects !

Nowadays, in many equipment manufacturing enterprises, many enterprises require fast production, fast sales and ignore the solid basic skills. Forever is a professional manufacturer of screw bar heat treatment furnace. We have always been down-to-earth to do our own thing and try our best to consider everything for our users.

Heat treatment is an important production process in industry, and induction heating furnace can be said to be the standard equipment in modern heat treatment operation. Take the lead screw heat treatment as an example, the lead screw generally refers to the ball screw, it is the most common used transmission components of tool machinery and precision machinery, its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or torque into axial repeated force, simultaneously with high precision, reversibility and high efficiency characteristics. Because of its small friction resistance, ball screw is widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments. Therefore, ensuring the quality standards of screws is particularly important so as to increase the useful life of equipment.

Forever bar heat treatment furnace is a kind of hardening and tempering production line specially designed for the lead screw according to the performance requirements of the lead screw itself. Through the lead screw tempering production line, the lead screw can get good comprehensive mechanical properties, high dimensional stability, high strength, high hardness and enough wear resistance. Lead screw induction hardening and tempering equipment is the premise to ensure the quality of the lead screw, through which it can meet the more requirements of the center of the lead screw.

As the induction hardening equipment is the final process of heat treatment of lead screw, which determines the final internal quality of lead screw, Forever has a strict quality management system for heat treatment furnace of lead screw. Our bar heat treatment furnace can not only do quenching for screw rod, but also grinding rod, torsion rod, sway rod, round bars, threaded rod etc. Welcome your inquiry. 


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