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The principle of induction annealing equipment for steel pipes

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment in China, dedicated to the research and production of steel pipe induction annealing furnace, pipeline heat treatment annealing equipment, and pipeline medium frequency induction annealing furnaces. The equipment is controlled by a high-precision non-contact infrared thermometer, with high and uniform heating efficiency. It realizes temperature closed-loop control and automatic adjustment function, ensuring the stability of the quality of induction heating equipment.

The Steel pipe annealing equipment is an induction heating equipment specially developed and produced by Forever Electromechanical for pipeline heat treatment annealing. It uses IGBT intermediate frequency power supply, and the pipeline heat treatment annealing equipment truly realizes high-power production, suitable for large-scale production, and can ensure the consistency of product heating quality. To ensure the quality of heat treatment and improve thermal efficiency, the Forever electromechanical pipeline annealing equipment designs and manufactures sensors with appropriate structures based on the shape and requirements of the workpiece. The commonly used sensors include outer surface heating sensors, inner hole heating sensors, flat heating sensors, etc.




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