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The principle and process of steel ball hot rolling furnace

Forever Electromechanical specializes in manufacturing intelligent fully automatic steel ball hot rolling production line, engaged in the induction heating industry for more than 20 years, with rich practical production experience and successful cases. The steel ball hot rolling equipment has the advantages of efficient production, beautiful appearance of heated products, smooth surface, and high qualified rate of finished products.

Overview of the principle and process of hot rolling steel balls in electric steel ball hot rolling equipment :

The hot rolled steel ball production line is used to produce steel balls. When oblique rolling steel balls, in order to make the spiral direction on the rolling mill roll correspond to the spiral direction on the rolling piece, the axis of the rolling mill roll and the axis of the rolling piece form an angle with each other, and the angle between the two rolls is generally 2-6;, There is a spiral groove on the rolling mill. When the two rollers rotate in the same direction, the billet rotates in the opposite direction between the rollers and moves forward. Under the action of the spiral groove, the round steel billet gradually turns into a spherical shape, and the connecting neck between the spherical shapes becomes thinner and thinner. Finally, it breaks to obtain the steel ball.

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