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The main characteristics of the heating equipment before forging

FOREVER Electromechanical Specialty customizes and produces pre-Forging heating equipment for users, most of which are used to heat metal billets before forging, and a few are used for forging and heat treatment.


The main characteristics of the heating equipment before forging are: the billet moves continuously in the steel billet forging  furnace according to the rolling rhythm, and the furnace gas also flows continuously in the furnace; Generally, under the condition that the section size, variety and output of the furnace charge remain unchanged, the temperature of each part of the heating equipment furnace and the temperature of the metal charge in the furnace before forging basically do not change with time, but only along the length of the furnace.


induction heating equipment is widely used in casting, forging and heat treatment workshops. The heating equipment before forging has the advantages of stability, reliability, energy conservation and environmental protection, ensuring the normal operation of the casting, forging and heat treatment production line of the flow process, and saving the investment of the enterprise’s work and production. Heating equipment before forging is widely used in metal heat treatment production. For example, the heat treatment quenching and tempering production line mainly supplies shaft types, such as straight shaft, variable diameter shaft, crankshaft, gear shaft, gear type, sleeve, ring, disk type hardware tools, surface heat treatment of various mechanical parts and overall quenching, annealing, tempering of metal materials.




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