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The energy saving advantages of induction heating furnace are embodied in?

Heat treatment furnace is suitable for heat treatment, quenching, annealing, metal diathermy forging, extrusion molding, solder welding and other industries, which reduces energy consumption and saves production cost for enterprises. Well, what aspects of induction heating furnace energy saving and environmental protection are reflected in? please follow the editor to understand it!


1. The speed of induction heating furnace is very fast, which is more efficient than other heating equipment, and saves the production cost to a certain extent. Because the induction heating principle of intermediate frequency electric furnace is electromagnetic induction, the heat of this induction mainly comes from the machined part itself.

2. In general, workers can carry out continuous forging tasks within ten minutes of going to work using induction heating furnace. There is no need for special furnace burning personnel to do a good job of burning furnace and closing furnace before workers go to work, reducing human labor and saving money. Because the heating speed of induction heating furnace is very fast, the heated articles are rarely oxidized.

3, only 0.5% of the heating parts of the induction furnace are oxidized, but 2% of the heating parts are burned by oxidation when heated by gas furnace, and the damage degree of other heating equipment is even higher.

4, the heating process of induction heating furnace is very material saving, compared with coal furnace, heating forgings per ton can save at least 20 to 50 kilograms of steel, and the utilization rate of materials has reached 95%.


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