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The development of induction heating furnace in China is still on the rise.

The development of induction heating furnace in China is still on the rise.

Forever is a professional manufacturer of induction heating furnace in China. Modern high-speed development of induction heating equipment technology, because of its high-efficiency induction heat treatment capacity and adaptability, has now become the leading role in the domestic market and even the international market, induction heating furnace development can be a little twists and turns. But on the whole, it is still rising. Induction heating furnace has been mainly used in machinery, industrial forging and other major production, with the development of technology has been gradually used in all walks of life. The sales volume of high speed induction heating furnace in China has increased year by year, and the field of application has gradually increased.

With the continuous saturation of the old induction heating furnace and heat treatment industry market, many medium frequency heating equipment manufacturers can not keep up with the situation and gradually can not survive. In this new environment, enterprises need to continue to innovate, high-tech can bring more opportunities for its development.

With the advent of information age and the change of market demand environment, it provides a good development direction for the development of long bar heat treatment line In this era, many induction heating furnace products want to be close to information technology. Many long bar heat treatment line is developing to the trend of automation, energy saving and intelligent.

In the past few years, the economic crisis and blindly expanding the production capacity of some enterprises in the early stage have led to serious vicious competition in many industries. Among them, we also mentioned in the previous article, long bar heat treatment line is one of the more typical examples. When enterprises are facing fierce market competition, it is very important to find the “blue sea” market. We are all looking for ways to break through in the market, so as to get the opportunity for rapid development.

Under the premise of market economy, no industry can achieve a true sense of smooth running, the development of domestic induction heating furnace started relatively late in foreign countries. In the induction heating equipment product quality, performance and technology and other aspects we have a certain gap. This requires the technical accumulation of the industry, and constantly improve their own technical reserves of induction heating and heat treatment, so that the development of long bar heat treatment line can better and better.


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