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The charm of induction heating equipment, high standard operation

Nowadays, China has ushered in the era of intelligentization, and a variety of intelligent products emerge one after another. Induction heating equipment is the “outstanding representative” of intelligent technology in the heat treatment equipment industry. This steel bar induction heating furnace can start with one button. Realize long-distance control, operate freely, have more mature design and perfect green energy-saving configuration, realize the big leap of innovation development of heat treatment equipment industry.

First, the steel bar heat treatment furnace charm is unique, realizes the high-level operation
1, the induction heating equipment selects the high-quality structure design, the spare parts, the wear-resistant parts all adopt the profession standard, and has the fully automatic lubrication oil supply system, Ensure the machine wear is small, the failure rate is less, ensures the service life of the equipment.
2, the traditional metal heating furnace occupies a large space, affects the customer occasion plan and the space plan, the new induction heating furnace realizes the power supply, the inductor, The compact structure of the material rack can make the space of the customer workshop be used effectively.
3, according to the actual production demand of the user, the furnace body of the corresponding specification is configured to meet the production demand of the user, and the furnace body adopts the integrated hoisting structure design. Replacement simple and fast.
4, remote control, real-time control: the whole machine can achieve start-up, shutdown, process conversion, shutdown maintenance and other operations of remote control, real-time monitoring of the operation data of the intermediate-frequency furnace, to achieve efficient, safe operation.
Second, induction heating equipment is freely combined, efficient operation because induction heating equipment belongs to non-standard custom products, manufacturers provide far-infrared thermometer, cooling tower, automatic feeding, cutting mechanism and other options, and so on. Users according to their actual production needs to match, meet the production requirements of users.
Hebei FOREVER electromechanical factory can be customized according to the user’s workpiece material, size, shape, process requirements, production efficiency, etc. The key point is to see what kind of processing effect the user wants, and understand the specific configuration scheme and equipment quotation. Please consult us in detail with the technical staff, we will serve you wholeheartedly!


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