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The benefits of electromagnetic induction heating for intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment

Buy Medium frequency heating equipment, identify Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., induction heating equipment adopts IGBT fast drive DSP processor induction heating power supply control, using the principle of electromagnetic induction heating, FOREVER Electromechanical is committed to providing users with a more efficient set of heat treatment scheme, the product adopts advanced technology IGBT DSP all-air cooling structure, with high reliability.

billet induction heater

Intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment-the advantages of electromagnetic induction heating: when metal workpiece is usually heat treated, the purpose of realizing less non-oxidation heating is to reduce metal oxidation loss, ensure the surface quality of workpiece, and realize less non-oxidation heating mode in the actual heat treatment process. Electromagnetic induction heating has many advantages in the field of surface heating mainly by using electromagnetic induction and controllable atmosphere technology. For example, the heating speed is relatively fast. The deformation of work-piece is relatively small, the relative productivity is relatively high, the surface oxidation and decarbonization of work-piece is less, energy saving and mechanization are easy to realize, so it is widely used in heating, quenching, annealing and normalizing of metal work-piece.

FOREVER electromechanical electromagnetic induction heating equipment one-stop service manufacturer, Hebei FOREVER electromechanical professional research and production of electromagnetic induction heating equipment for more than 20 years, led by Ph.D. engineers, to provide you with technical programs door-to-door use guidance training and other one-stop services, the main products are: billet heating furnace, bar forging diathermy equipment, steel bar heating equipment, steel pipe heating furnace, metal conditioning heat treatment equipment, Tubing heat treatment production line, steel bar hot rolling heating equipment, threaded steel quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment, special-shaped steel rolling heating furnace, plate quenching heat treatment equipment, steel pipe annealing heat treatment equipment, intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment and so on, if you have this need can call the technician directly, will provide detailed quotation and scheme consultation!


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