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The advantages of square pipe hardening treatment line

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fully automatic intelligent square pipe hardening treatment lines. Our professional engineers customize a suitable square steel pipe induction hardening machine according to your requirements to meet your different process needs. The square pipe hardening treatment line adopts a human-machine interface PLC fully automatic intelligent control, with a “one click restoration” function and simple operation of induction heating equipment.


The advantages of square pipe hardening treatment line:

1. The square steel pipe induction heating furnce adopts a new type of IGBT air-cooled induction heating power supply control, which has low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high production efficiency.

2. The square pipe hardening treatment line designed by Forever adopts V-shaped rollers arranged diagonally in the transmission design to reduce radial runout.

3. Fast heating speed, less surface oxidation, hardening process achieved during rotary heating, and the steel has good straightness and no bending after heat treatment.

4. After heat treatment, the workpiece has extremely high consistency in hardness, uniformity in microstructure, high toughness, and impact strength.

5. The PU touch screen control system of the square Steel pipe induction heat treatment furnace can record and save all process parameters of induction hardening of the workpiece, making it convenient for you to view historical records in the future.

6. Formula management function: A powerful formula management system that automatically calls up relevant parameters after inputting the steel grade, outer diameter, and wall thickness parameters to be produced, eliminating the need for manual recording, querying, and inputting of parameter values required for various workpieces.




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Post time: 05-16-2024