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Hebei FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech induction heating equipment energy-saving company specializing in the field of induction heating and heat treatment equipment research, production, sales and service. On the basis of its own core technology, FOREVER continues to innovate and develop all-digital intermediate frequency surface induction quenching equipment with advanced level in the industry, induction heating products, the main products including steel rod electric heating furnace, aluminum bar heating equipment, the main products are steel bar electric heating furnace, aluminum bar heating equipment, and so on. Steel tube heating furnace, steel bar heating equipment, rebar heat treatment equipment, sucker rod quenching equipment, chain quenching equipment, etc., covering all fields of induction heating. The products have the characteristics of simple operation, stable performance, safe and reliable, remarkable energy-saving effect, etc., providing products and energy-saving technical services to thousands of users of induction heating and heat treatment equipment successively.

Composition of remote surface induction quenching equipment:

1, medium frequency induction heating power supply

2, feeding mechanism (automatic feeding, tipping device)

3, discharging mechanism

4, conveying roller table (with frequency conversion roller support device) 4, induction heating system

5, Quench spray system

6, infrared temperature measurement system (according to your needs can be equipped with Ruiguang and American Raytheon brand temperature meter)

7, PLC console (including control technology and signal isolation control board and programmer)

The characteristics of the induction quenching equipment of remote electromechanical (heat treatment) surface: the induction heating equipment mainly changes the hardness of the metal material after heating the workpiece and so on. The specific application is as follows:

1, All kinds of hardware tools, hand tools. Such as pliers, plate hands, hammers, axe, spinner, scissors (gardening scissors), etc. Quenching;

2, all kinds of automobile, motorcycle accessories. Quenching such as crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, sprocket, aluminium wheel, valve, arm shaft, transmission half shaft, small shaft, pull fork, etc.;

3, all kinds of electric tools. Such as gears, shafts;

4, machine tool industry category. Such as machine tool surface, machine tool guideway quenching;

5, all kinds of metal parts, machined parts. Such as shaft, gear (sprocket), cam, chuck, fixture, etc. Quenching;

6, metal mold industry. Such as small die, die accessories, die inner hole quenching induction heating surface quenching has the advantages of good surface quality, small brittleness, not easy to oxidize and decarbonize the quenched surface, small deformation and so on.

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