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sucker rod quenching and tempering production line

Introduction to sucker rod hardening and tempering furnace

Sucker rod is a high-strength metal rod used in oil wells in oil fields to lift oil. Due to its high working strength, it has very strict requirements for its own characteristics, and the corresponding quenching and tempering process is also an important part. The pumping rod quenching and tempering production line mainly consists of two parts, including induction heating and mechanical parts. Induction heating and tempering heat treatment has the advantages of good surface quality, low brittleness, difficult oxidation and decarburization of quenched surfaces, and small deformation.

Characteristics of sucker rod hardening and tempering equipment

1. High efficiency: The old production efficiency is 12-15 pieces per hour, while our new equipment has a production efficiency of 20 pieces per hour.

2. Labor saving: Old equipment requires manual loading and unloading, while our new production line uses mechanical loading and unloading.

3. The threaded part of the pumping rod can avoid non heating, and the end of the pumping rod can achieve key heating. The movement speed and heating time of the pumping rod are both programmable.

4. The treatment temperature and hardness of the rod head and body are consistent.



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