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Sucker rod induction heat treatment equipment -sucker rod quenching parameter -quotation

Sucker rod induction heat treatment equipment -sucker rod quenching parameter -quotation

With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, our production and living demand for oil has entered a climax. The development of the petroleum industry has led to the development of related industries. The petroleum machinery production industry represented by sucker rods caters to the current tide of social development, and will maintain a sustained momentum of development in the future. The induction heat treatment equipment for producing sucker rods will also meet the development.

Recently, we learned that many users came to consult the sucker rod Induction heat treatment equipment, then we will make a simple introduction to the sucker rod hardening furnace.

Introduction of sucker rod hardening furnace

The sucker rod heat treatment line is suitable for the heat treatment requirements of grade D and HY sucker rods. The special medium frequency induction quenching technology is adopted. Features are: The quenching temperature and hardness of rod head and rod body keep consistent. The quenching speed is fast, the heating temperature uniform and can achieve one time quenching and straightening without the need for additional configuration straightening machine. The production line control cabinet is controlled by PLC program and is convenient to use. Because the sucker rod hardening furnace belongs to non-standard equipment, the models and quotations of the sucker rod hardening furnace are different.

Common type of sucker rod induction heat treatment equipment parameter list.

Equipment brand: Forever
Equipment name: sucker rod heat treatment line
Workpiece specifications: ø 16mm -422mm 
Device power: 100-1000KW
Production capacity: 20 pieces /h (specific production efficiency customized according to customer requirements)

Price of sucker bar heat treatment furnace

Forever is a professional manufacturer of customized induction heat treatment equipment. Compared with distributors, the price must be more favorable, and because it is located in Wuqiao, Hebei Province, the transportation is convenient and the consumption level is lower than that of the first-tier cities. The price of sucker rod quenching equipment in this area is not too high. In addition, Forever has a workshop covering an area of 17,000 square meters and an independent technical team.

If you need it, you are welcome to call our technical service hotline at any time. Professional technicians will serve you wholeheartedly for 24 hours. Users are welcome to visit our factory.


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