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Sucker rod hardening and tempering heat treatment furnace

Hebei Forever is a professional manufacturer of induction heating furnace and induction heat treatment furnace , specializing in the production of sucker rod hardening and tempering furnace, steel rod heat treatment hardening and tempering equipment, rod material hardening and tempering production lines, oil pipe hardening and tempering furnaces, etc. The induction heating furnaces used for sucker rod hardening and tempering produced by Forever are efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and reliable, and have been an old manufacturer for many years with exquisite technology. Buy a sucker rod hardening and tempering line to Forever Electromechanical. Welcome to inquire.

A sucker rod is a slender rod in a pumping well, which is connected to a polished rod on top and a oil pump on the bottom to transmit power. Therefore, oil sucker rods must have strong toughness and wear resistance, and the sucker rod hardening and tempering equipment need to undergo hardening and tempering treatment to enhance the tensile strength of the sucker rods. The induction heating furnace developed and produced by our company for the quenching and tempering of sucker rods can focus on heating the end of the sucker rod, with uniform heating and no cracks!


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Post time: 12-14-2023