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Structure of general induction quenching machine bed equipment of intermediate frequency diathermy electric furnace

This is the general induction quenching machine tool produced in the early stage of the Czech Republic, and a number of factories in China have used it. The method has the following characteristics:

round bar heat treatment equipment

1) all mechanical transmission system. The chain stepless transmission is adopted, and the working stroke of the transmission system corresponds to the rotating speed of the workpiece, which ensures that when the workpiece is scanned and quenched, the Imm, decreases with each turn of the workpiece, so it is not easy to produce a spiral torso belt on the quenched workpiece.

2) there are 18 kinds of operation methods with many functions. Among them, the handle wrench can make the rotating heating workpiece fall into the bath groove with flowing water quickly. This is a feature that can be used for quenching of a variety of pinions.

3) convenient adjustment. Stepless speed change with handwheel adjustment, and there is a dial to show that speed regulation does not need to stop.

4) it is convenient to adjust and replace the sensor. The sensor can be adjusted up and down on the conductive row

5) the quenching machine has two sets of quenching water system. Can use water or additive quenching solution, according to the need to choose, each has an inlet and outlet channels.

Medium frequency bar diathermy equipment / intermediate frequency diothermic furnace equipment / intermediate frequency diothermic furnace adopts Siemens IGBT power module, Fuji rectifier module and epoxy resin pouring power output transformer. 24 hours continuous operation. Based on the principle of electromagnetic effect, the metal material in alternating magnetic field can quickly induce a large vortex, so that a kind of inductor heating equipment that heats the metal material until it melts can also penetrate the non-metallic material and heat the metal material locally or all quickly.


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