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Structure and technical characteristics of pipe heating device

steel pipe heat treatment equipment price is mainly a kind of induction heating equipment which is used to heat medium and large pipelines, which is converted into heat energy by electricity. The imported electronic components of IGBT are used, and a number of diversion plates are arranged inside the product to guide the retention time of the workpiece in the inner cavity, so that the heating of the workpiece is fully uniform and the heat exchange rate is improved. The electric heating equipment is not only advanced in structure, but also has excellent heating effect. It is an energy-saving and environment-friendly pipeline heating device.

Technical characteristics of pipeline heating device

1, the electric heating equipment adopts renewable electric energy as heating energy, especially suitable for oil field areas with low ambient temperature. The thermal efficiency of the system can be improved.

2. By using the non-contact heating mode, the whole heating process of the pipe heating device makes the workpiece heat evenly, and the difference between the core and the surface temperature is very small, so it is suitable for many industries.

3. The pipe heating device starts at zero pressure, the starting time is fast, and the starting rate is very high. The manufacturer maintains the induction heating equipment for life to ensure the user interest

4, the conversion of each system of the pipeline heating device can realize automatic control, and the whole heating project can be completed by only one person.

5. The stainless steel furnace body is used, which has strong corrosion resistance. A thickened insulation layer is used between the stainless steel inner tank and the stainless steel shell. The temperature loss degree is the lowest, the temperature is kept, and the electric energy is saved.


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