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Strict implementation of equipment quality Management system by Induction heating equipment manufacturers

In recent years, the competition of enterprises in the field of Induction heat treatment equipment  industry is very fierce, the core equipment design, material, processing effect and after-sales service of the competition, among which the quality of workpiece after Metal heat treatment is particularly important. Because the excellent heat treatment quality of the workpiece can not be identified and judged by our naked eye, it is the internal quality of the metal workpiece, which directly affects the service life and machining accuracy of the parts. Because of the heat treatment production process, the output of the product can not be monitored and measured timely, economically and accurately, and the results can be verified. Therefore, the performance and quality of induction heating equipment is particularly important, and it is important to strengthen the quality control of heat treatment equipment production process.

First, the control of documents and quality records in the control of documents and quality records, in strict accordance with ISO9001 standards and factory quality management system documents and other related documents, conscientiously and effectively implement management. It includes: establishing document and quality record control list, filling in document change and issuing record carefully. The approval, publication and modification of documents shall be handled in strict accordance with the relevant procedures. Review the use of relevant technical documents in a timely manner. To ensure that the effective parts of the heat treatment equipment production workshop get the effective version of the corresponding documents, and timely withdraw the invalid and scrapped documents in order to ensure its unity. The documents should be clear and easy to identify. Fill in the quality control records, product inspection records and duty craftsmen records carefully to prove that the induction heating equipment we produce meets the requirements and verify the effectiveness of the quality management activities. Quality records should be clear, easy to identify, easy to access and retrieve in custody, with a shelf life of one year.

To ensure that the required resources are obtained in order to ensure the performance of induction quenching equipment, the organization should determine and provide the required resources.

1. Human resources guarantee a licensed induction system for staff who may have a direct impact on the production quality of induction heating equipment. These personnel pass the professional training, pass the qualification examination, pass the certificate to take up the post. The operator and the relevant functional personnel shall strictly carry out production, inspection and inspection in accordance with the relevant process documents and production procedures, and correctly handle the existing problems in accordance with the regulations.

2. Ensure the production environment and process equipment to carry out the site management of the production environment of the intermediate frequency diothermic furnace, and adhere to regular inspection, supervision, evaluation and reward, and strive to improve the production environment. The equipment leader, the production foreman and the technical team leader confirm whether the heat treatment equipment can meet the requirements of the user’s process, and the induction heating equipment can only be put into use after it has been confirmed to be qualified. Set up equipment account, carefully fill in equipment confirmation records, fill in equipment inspection, maintenance and equipment integrity inspection records.


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