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Steel tube heat treatment furnace can create economic wealth for you

Steel tube heat treatment furnace, steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment manufacturers, with the concept of environmental protection is deeply popular, the country vigorously advocates the development of energy-saving, environmental-friendly induction heating equipment. However, some metal manufacturers, such as rebars, steel bars and steel pipes, still insist on mass production. They believe that the same process is to complete the heating of metal workpieces such as steel tubes. Why must give up the old induction heating equipment, to feel the new induction heating equipment and heat treatment equipment environmental protection. Do you have such a problem?FOREVER wants to tell you: the development of the green economy is not just talking about it.

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The economic benefits of metal processing plants are mainly dependent on output, and high yields can yield high returns. Compared with the traditional coal-burning furnace and gas-fired furnace, the induction heating equipment adopts electromagnetic induction heating technology, and the heating efficiency is high because it does not need preheating when heating the steel pipe. The steel tube heat treatment furnace adopts PLC intelligent control system, and the whole process of feeding, conveying, heating and unloading of workpiece is unguarded and the production efficiency is high. At the same time, it also saves manpower. More importantly, environmental protection steel pipe heat treatment equipment produced by remote electro-mechanical is free of dust and exhaust gas in the heating process of steel pipe, which accords with the policy of energy saving and environmental protection.

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