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steel slab induction heat treatment machine manufacturer

Controlled by Siemens PLC, Forever steel slab hardening and tempering equipment only need 1 work to operate the whole hardening and tempering system. Please tell us your plate width, thickness, length and capacity, then we will provide solutions for hardening and tempering furnace for slab.

Teatures for  Steel plate induction heat treatment furnace

● Simple operation: Automatic feeding & discharging, high degree of automatic.
●  Fast heating speed, less oxidation skin, high efficiency, good heat treatment effect;
● Professional customized man-machine interface, highly user-friendly instructions;
● Unfirm heating and cooling, precise temperature adjustable control;
●  Small temperature difference from surface to the core, very less deformation.

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Specialist of  bar heat treatment furnace in China; Glad to be your business partner in induction heating field.

Post time: 12-25-2023