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steel sheet induction heat treatment furnace

Computer control system features for steel sheet induction heat treatment furnace: 

1. Self-learning control method to complete the parameter self-setting 

First call the process recipe template for power settings, and then use self-learning control method to complete the parameter self-setting, and ultimately achieve the system’s control requirements. 

2. Process setting, operation, alarm, real-time trend, history screen display requirements: 

A.Mechanical system will automatically run, track,display and record the number of processing. 

B. Diagrams of parameters including sucker rod temperature, voltage, current, frequency and other parameters.   

C.Power consumption parameter will be recorded and saved. 

D. Display, record and store the fault problem such as overload, overflow, over-voltage, lack of phase, control power under-voltage, low cooling water pressure, high cooling water temperature and so on.

3. Process formulation management: 

The products with different specifications, materials and temperature rise curves should have corresponding formwork templates (which can be gradually fixed in the actual production process), which can modify the setpoints and process control PID parameters in the template, and save the corrected formula. 

4. Operator classification management 

Available login separated by system administrator, production supervisor and operator 

5. Quenching machine for steel plate induction heat treatment furnace

The quenching machine consists of a stainless steel tank, water spray system, inverter transmission device, flowmeter, pressure and water temperature monitoring device. When the high temperature plate is charged into the quenching machine, the spray ring will cooled the plate with appropriate pressure, water temperature and flow rate.


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