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Steel processing induction machine

Steel heating furnace as a commonly used metal heat treatment furnace in the heat treatment production of industrial steel bars, there are many Induction heating manufacturer in the market, so how to choose in the face of so many manufacturers? And what points should be paid attention to when choosing and purchasing steel heating furnace? The editor did the following analysis:

what are the matters needing attention in the selection and purchase of steel heating furnace? The products on the market are dazzling and numerous. Every time you buy them, you need to think about them carefully before you can choose them as suitable. Especially mechanical products, such as bar electric heating equipment, this is a larger equipment, not a general small commodity of one or two yuan or two. Even if you buy it badly, you can abandon it and lose it. However, it takes a few hundred thousand to buy a bar induction heating furnace, and most of them are as high as millions. Therefore, when users buy it, they can abandon it and lose it. However, when buying a bar induction heating furnace, many of them are as high as millions. Therefore, when the user buys it, Ten million carelessness, to take into account a variety of details, the specific details are as follows:

1, observe the quality of round steel induction heating equipment is excellent. Good equipment, its construction material is very solid and durable, can make many years, and is not easy to corrode, therefore, users in the selection, to carefully select;

2, look at the structure of the equipment. Stainless steel quenched and tempered furnace structure is simple and novel, such a product, in the usual maintenance is very convenient, but also easy to disassemble and assemble;

3, see the service level of stainless steel heat treatment continuous furnace seller. Good service attitude, efficient service quality, in order to gain the trust and support of customers, but there are also inconsistent businesses, must clean their eyes.

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