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Steel plate hardening and tempering equipment factory which good?

After many years of technical transformation and innovation, the Quenching and tempering furnace has reached a relatively mature stage. Because of the advantages of high heating efficiency, simple structure, convenient maintenance, high output, low energy consumption and simple operation, the plate conditioning production line has been favored by the mining, automobile, railway, petroleum, wind power and other industries.

1, starting from their own enterprises, according to the actual situation of their own enterprises, determine what kind of steel heating furnace needs. Large-scale, high-demand enterprises can choose large-scale equipment, which not only increases efficiency but also increases output; small-scale enterprises can choose a relatively small type of induction heating equipment, saving costs and reducing loss.

2, look at the price of far-reaching experts to remind, can not buy too low price steel plate conditioning equipment. What is too low? Is a device that is several times below the market base price. This kind of equipment, its quality, the material these do not get the basic guarantee. You can’t get away with it for a while. You may buy back a bunch of junk iron. Therefore, in this exhortation, can not buy too low price plate quenching and tempering production line.

3, look at the brand behind an induction heating equipment not only represents this device, but also represents a brand. And brand power often represents the quality of equipment. When you choose and buy, you must buy large brands of steel plate conditioning equipment, such as: remote mechanical and electrical, with advanced technology and human resources at home and abroad. We should also collect some news about equipment companies. If there are negative news or reports, you should be careful when choosing and purchasing.

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