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Steel pipe quenching furnace

Steel pipe annealing furnace fire process:

When using a new IGBT induction heating device to anneal steel pipes, the induction heating ring is made into different specifications of circular induction rings based on the size of the steel pipe. Through a guide pulley, the annealing part of the steel pipe is pushed into the induction ring. After starting the induction heating device to complete the annealing program, the steel pipe is removed and the workpiece is replaced for annealing.pipe heat treatment furnace

Characteristics of steel pipe annealing furnace:Hardening heat treatment furnace

A complete set of steel pipe annealing furnace adopts PLC infrared temperature measurement control, which can automatically adjust the power supply or production efficiency according to the pipe temperature set by the user, which is conducive to automatically adjusting the power supply or production efficiency in case of incoming voltage fluctuations to ensure product qualification rate, And real-time generation of temperature curves and power supply current and voltage data record tables for future comparison and query. 2. Display of steel pipe annealing furnace and real-time generation of data record tables are conducive to user reference and comparison and future query;long bar induction hardening furnace

3. The conveying tray is installed at an angle to achieve automatic rotation and heating of the heated tube body, resulting in more uniform heating;

4. The use of 304 stainless steel material for the support between the steel pipe heat treatment furnace bodies greatly improves the efficiency of the electric furnace and reduces energy waste

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