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Steel pipe induction quenching equipment

steel pipe induction quenching funrace  induction heating heat treatment furnace

Forever Electromechanical is a professional manufacturer of steel tube quenching equipment. The steel tube quenching equipment adopts a full touch screen control system, intelligent mode control, high efficiency and energy saving, fast and stable, easy to use and durable, high efficiency and high quality steel tube quenching equipment service, which can meet your production needs of induction heating equipment, and can be customized according to the actual needs of users.

Characteristics of steel pipe heat treatment equipment:

1. Power supply system, igbt100kw-4000kw / 200hz-8000hz intelligent intermediate frequency induction heating power supply.

2. Workpiece material: carbon steel, alloy steel, high-temperature alloy steel, etc.

3. Main application: used for quenching heat treatment of steel pipe and pipe material.

4. Energy conversion: heating each ton of plate to 1150 ℃, power consumption of 330 ~ 360 degrees.

5. Provide remote operation console with touch screen or industrial computer system according to user’s needs.

6. The steel tube quenching furnace has all digital and high depth adjustable parameters, so that you can easily control the equipment.

7. The steel pipe heating furnace has the features of uniform heating, minimal temperature difference between the core and the surface, high temperature control accuracy, high automation, and full-automatic operation.

Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical is a professional manufacturer of steel tube quenching equipment. You can consult for free if you pay attention to it. As long as you explain your production needs, the professional engineers of FOREVER electromechanical will provide you with free consulting services. We are a direct supply manufacturer of induction heating equipment, induction heat treatment equipment, induction heating quenching and tempering production line, heat treatment quenching and tempering equipment, and induction quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment. If you have questions about steel tube quenching equipment, you can find FOREVER mechanical and electrical engineers to answer them for you free!

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