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steel pipe induction annealing furnace

Let’s take a look at the advantages of steel pipe annealing equipment together:

Characteristics of Induction steel pipe annealing furnace :

1. The IGBT intermediate frequency power supply adopts a parallel resonant design, phase-shifting and power regulation, and the equipment is mature and stable; It has great advantages in the high-power range above 500KW.

2. The steel pipe annealing furnace is controlled by DSP, which can quickly capture and lock the phase to start, meet frequent start and stop requirements, and have a high success rate.

3. Variable frequency and load adaptive, with a frequency adaptation range of 500HZ (corresponding frequency and power can be designed according to customer workpiece requirements). The induction furnace replacement is automatically matched without any manual adjustment.

4. The cabinet adopts T2 copper bars, which have undergone sandblasting and passivation treatment, low leakage inductance, oxidation resistance, and reduced line losses.

5. The Steel pipe induction annealing furnace is fully touchscreen controlled, with pure digital tuning, complete process records, and strict level permissions. The main parameters of the steel pipe quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment can be restored to factory settings with one click.

6. Power supply for steel pipe medium frequency heat treatment furnace, single machine power of 500KW, frequency of 500HZ.



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