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Steel pipe automatic heat treatment production line-Forever furnace

Hebei FOREVER mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is recommended by the manufacturer of steel pipe automatic heat treatment production line. The combination process of FOREVER induction heating equipment, Induction heat treatment equipment and intermediate frequency induction heating furnace is simple and convenient, which effectively realizes the integration of equipment and diversity of configuration. The scope of application is wide, the heating is uniform, and the production is efficient.


Advantages and characteristics of steel pipe automatic heat treatment production line:

1. Power supply system: 160-1000kw / 0.5-2.5khz, hourly output 0.5-3 tons, applicable range ø 60 – ø 120.

2. Conveying roller table: the included angle between the axis of the roller table and the axis of the workpiece is 18-21 °, and the workpiece rotates while feeding at a constant speed to make the heating more uniform. The roller table between the furnace bodies is made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel and is water cooled.

3. Roller table grouping: the feeding group, the inductor group and the discharging group are controlled independently, which is conducive to continuous heating without gaps between workpieces.

4. The spray system adopts multi-stage spray cooling, and the pressure and flow between spray rings at all levels are adjustable to meet the requirements of different hardenability.

5. Closed loop temperature control of steel pipe automatic heat treatment production line: the American Leitai infrared thermometer is used for quenching and a closed-loop control system is formed with German Siemens S7 to accurately control the temperature.

6. Industrial control computer system: real-time display of the status of working parameters at that time, workpiece parameter memory, storage, printing, fault display, alarm and other functions.

7. Energy conversion: quenching method is adopted, and the power consumption per ton is 260-280 degrees.

8. Provide a remote console with touch screen or industrial computer system according to user needs.

9. Specially customized human-machine interface and highly humanized operation instructions.

10. The full digital and high-depth adjustable parameters of the steel pipe heat treatment furnace make it easy for you to control the equipment.

Hebei FOREVER electromechanical equipment factory is committed to the R & D, production, sales and service of induction heating equipment and integral heat treatment quenching furnace. It has many years of experience, first-hand supply, reasonable price, reliable quality of steel pipe automatic heat treatment production line, and guaranteed after-sales service. Welcome to inquire.

Post time: 08-11-2022