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steel billet induction heating furnace

Application: It is suitable for the secondary heating of metal tools such as steel billet, continuous casting billet, cold billet and stainless steel.

Product Details:

Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarburization, small temperature difference between core and surface, simple operation

Workpiece specification: cross section 60mm~160mm square billet

Production efficiency: 40t/h~300t/h

Power consumption per ton: according to different surface temperatures, power consumption per ton is 40~60 degrees

Applicable workpieces: billet, square billet, square steel, continuous casting billet and other workpieces

Remarks: non-standard customized equipment, designed according to customer requirements


Characteristics of steel billet induction heating equipment:

Generally, the billet shall be heated to the rolling temperature before going out of the continuous casting machine and into the rolling mill. Selecting induction heating will heat the workpiece evenly, with high speed, high efficiency and even temperature control. The characteristics are as follows:

● Suitable for continuous square billet production line;

● Constant temperature control;

● Modular design, the coil can be quickly replaced;

● The opening where the horizontal control material enters the coil;

● High efficiency, solid state power supply;

● Fully automatic PLC controls the feeding and discharging.


Steel billet heating equipment price:

The price of configuring a set of steel billet induction heating equipment is generally in the range of hundreds of thousands to millions, which is mainly related to the configuration scheme and equipment model selection. You can call to inquire at any time, obtain the equipment quotation free of charge, and directly sell non-standard customized equipment to manufacturers, so that you can spend 20% less, and more relevant information. The technical manager will answer for you. Moreover, FOREVER Electromechanical Plant has been built for nearly 20 years, constantly polishing its own production process, and has a large and modern production workshop, There is a perfect ex factory system, and you can visit and inspect the workshop directly.




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