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Steel billet induction heating furnace device – Forever furnace

steel billet induction heating furnace is usually used for billet hot rolling, continuous casting billet rolling and billet heating. Its advantages are that the heating speed is fast and does not need preheating time. Compared with gas furnace, the system can be started or stopped at any time. More importantly, even if the use of high-power, will not affect the user’s factory power. The reason is the use of twelve pulse rectifier power supply and special custom transformer. According to the customer’s design and process, the whole working process is controlled by touch screen PLC. When working, the billet heating furnace can run according to the set parameters simply by placing the billet on the platform and setting the required heating temperature.


It has the following features:

1, FOREVER Billet heating furnace will be based on customer’s production conditions, such as: floor area and workshop transformer design. Our aim is to provide users with suitable billet heating furnace and bring users higher benefits.

2, touch screen + PLC program control system: PLC control cabinet equipped with programmable automatic control program. The control cabinet can be installed independently according to the actual workplace and operating factors, etc.

3, conveying device: conveying roller table can save a lot of manpower.



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Post time: 06-27-2022