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steel bar induction heating machine

Induction heating manufacturer can produce suitable induction heating equipment according to the user process requirements of rod diathermy equipment: automatic feeder, discharge separator, closed cooling water circulation system. Free to provide users with professional and efficient rod diathermic equipment technical scheme; FOREVER Electromechanical has a strong and perfect pre-sale and after-sales service to ensure the quality and normal operation of the user’s steel bar heat treatment machine production line.

Bar diathermy equipment technology: the rod diathermy equipment is easy to operate, and the American Reitai two-handed infrared thermometer device is installed at the furnace mouth of the rod diathermy equipment, which can monitor and control the temperature of the rod material and control the production cycle in the whole processing process. When the equipment starts feeding, the infrared thermometer will leave the bar, rotate an angle, and then the push rod will push the rod into the induction heater. The next drum will transfer the iron bar to the end of the roller. The feeder then turns the steel bar to the discharge rack. During launch, the thruster will return to normal and the next rod will be turned to the feed rack. At the same time, the infrared thermometer will return to the measuring position and contact the rod head. Then it ends with one feed and one discharge. Usually, the bar heat permeable furnace will be equipped with a heat preservation furnace, so that the steel bar has uniform heating. The outstanding advantages of remote mechanical and electrical rod permeable equipment are as follows:

1, bar diathermy equipment has high production efficiency, fast heating speed and less oxidation and decarbonization.

2, the reliability is high, because our bar permeable heat production line has the unique circuit design and the system power module unit, even if the individual power module is damaged, the equipment can still work normally.

3,Compared with the high frequency induction heating equipment of the electron tube, our rod permeable furnace can save 50% of the electricity and 70% of the water compared with the high frequency induction heating equipment of the electron tube. It is extremely easy for users to adjust the power supply, accurately control and select any heating conditions.

4, using semiconductor devices, intermediate frequency diathermy equipment has a longer service life. 5, the failure rate is low, the safety factor is high, the structure is simple, and the maintenance is convenient.


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