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Medium frequency induction heating equipment is mostly used for surface quenching of industrial metal parts and is now the main heating equipment in many industries. How to improve the working efficiency of medium frequency induction heating equipment and bring more economic benefits? Next, FOREVER electromechanical will tell you about it.

The medium frequency induction heating equipment is an energy-saving product in line with the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan. It takes IGBT as the main device, the power circuit is characterized by series oscillation, and the control circuit is characterized by automatic frequency tracking and multi closed-loop control. Ultra audio frequency induction heating equipment is highly integrated and modular. High efficiency, stable performance, safety and reliability.


The medium frequency induction heating equipment used in the steel bar heat treatment production line can improve the quenching efficiency with the following tips:

When medium frequency induction heating equipment is used for quenching treatment, adding salt to water can double the cooling rate. The cooling rate of brine quenching is fast, and there will be no quenching crack and uneven quenching. It can be called the most ideal quenching coolant. The appropriate proportion of salt should be 10% by weight.

It is better to select the quenching liquid with impurities in the water for the quenching liquid of the medium frequency induction heating equipment, because the impurities in the water are more suitable than pure water. The addition of solid particles in the water will help to clean the surface of the workpiece, destroy the steam film, increase the cooling speed, and prevent the occurrence of quenching spots. Therefore, it is an important concept to use mixed water instead of pure water for quenching treatment.

The water-soluble quenching liquid can be mixed with polymer and water: the polymer quenching liquid can be mixed with the quenching liquid with the cooling rate from water to oil according to the degree of water addition, which is very convenient and free from fire, pollution and other public hazards.

In addition, it is worth noting that when selecting induction heating equipment, different types of induction heating equipment should be selected according to the characteristics, hardness, size and the degree of quenching of the workpiece. Hebei FOREVER Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. is an old brand manufacturer with more than ten years of production experience in the field of induction heating and heat treatment. Just give FOREVER Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. the relevant information about your workpiece size and output. We will customize a suitable induction heating equipment production line for you. Please contact FOREVER Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. to purchase induction heating equipment. For more relevant information.


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