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Steel bar heat treatment induction equipment Forever

The Steel bar heat treatment machine is developed and produced by Forever Electromechanical Factory, which can be used for quenching heat treatment of steel bars, threaded steel, and other workpieces with a diameter of 5-60m. Our Forever Electromechanical Factory continuously learns advanced induction heat treatment technology at home and abroad to produce high-quality steel bar heat treatment equipment, striving to make high-quality induction heating equipment.

Parameters of steel bar heat treatment equipment:

Equipment name: Steel bar heat treatment equipment (energy-saving, energy-saving, high-efficiency)

Equipment specifications: customized according to customer actual needs steel bar hardening and tempering furnace .

The overall design of the equipment appearance: simple, beautiful and generous, easy to operate, and clear display. Split structure, suitable for working in various environments. Product features: Adjustable power, induction heating, fast heating speed, high efficiency, significant energy saving and electricity saving, can be equipped with an infrared thermometer, easier temperature control, wide heating range, strong applicability, only for metal induction heating, safer and more environmentally friendly!

PLC intelligent control system

Intelligent PLC remote control console and human-machine interface for supporting  steel bar heat treatment induction equipment

The control system adopts a human-machine interface with highly user-friendly operation instructions. It provides a remote operation console with a touch screen for the industrial computer system, and fully digital and deep adjustable parameters make it easier for you to control the device with one click restore and multiple language switching.


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