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Steel bar heat treatment furnace attracted the attention of the entire heat treatment industry!

The steel bar heat treatment system is the newcomer in the heat treatment industry now. The steel bar heat treatment equipment produced by the remote electromechanical equipment has the advantages of high production efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. The steel bar heat treatment equipment is concerned by the heat treatment industry. The steel rod heat treatment equipment is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. Non-contact heating of the workpiece is an environmentally friendly induction heating heat treatment equipment in the heat treatment field. The remote mechanical steel bar heat treatment furnace is an uncalibrated product tailored for you according to your process requirements.

The reasons why the steel bar heat treatment furnace attracts the attention of the whole heat treatment industry are as follows:

1. Applying the system engineering principle combined with the process requirements to optimize the process flow, so that the whole line has four kinds of heat treatment functions, at the same time, the main and secondary consideration, smooth flow, high efficiency and low consumption.

2. The steel bar heat treatment furnace adopts external spray technology and expert system software of steel bar quenching process to ensure the rationality and reliability of the process parameters when the steel bars are heat treated, so as to ensure the product quality of the heat treatment.

(3) the automatic and intelligent control system, the computer information management, the whole process quality control and the improvement of the labor productivity and the management level of the electric steel bar heat treatment furnace.

4, man-machine interface PLC control, adjustable data, according to the language of different countries to switch, data saved to more than 15 years, the process can be queried.

5, optimize investment portfolio and type selection of induction heating equipment, save more than 30% investment cost compared with all-line heat treatment equipment import. The temperature of the steel tube heat treatment furnace is controlled by the dual-color American ray infrared thermometer, and the temperature of heating and quenching is displayed in real time to ensure the uniformity of the temperature.

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