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Steel ball hot rolling production line – Forever furnace

In the past decade, with the progress of technology, the hot rolling production line of steel balls developed by FOREVER electromechanical Co., Ltd. has made hot rolling of steel balls a reality. Through the medium frequency heating furnace, the steel bar containing certain wear-resistant materials is heated continuously, and the heated steel bar enters the roll mill to directly roll out the required steel ball. This new process, new equipment, new materials and new technology steel ball hot rolling production line has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, and has been widely used in the steel ball manufacturing industry in recent years.

steel ball hot rolling production line

The medium frequency heating furnace is used for heating round steel in the steel ball hot rolling production line, which adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. It is non-contact with the steel bar, and the heat is generated in the steel bar itself. Therefore, the steel ball hot rolling production line has the following characteristics:

1. The steel ball hot rolling production line has the advantages of short heating time and high efficiency. The thermal efficiency of induction heating furnace can reach 60% – 70%, that of flame furnace is only about 20%, and that of resistance furnace is only about 40%;

2. The steel ball heating furnace has fast heating speed, which can double the productivity of heating equipment, and can form a seamless continuous production line with subsequent heat treatment equipment;

3. When the medium frequency induction heating equipment is used for heating before thermoforming, due to the fast heating speed and short heating time, the burning loss rate of oxide skin produced by the blank is very small;

4. Due to less heat dissipation loss, the temperature of the workshop is greatly reduced, which improves the working environment of the workshop. Because induction heating does not produce smoke and dust, the noise is light and small, which purifies the working environment of the workshop. Workers are no longer exposed to heat, radiation, high temperature, noise and other harmful health hazards. At the same time, it has established the external image and development trend of the company.

The steel balls heated and rolled by the steel ball hot rolling production line have precise size, round geometry, high hardness and good mechanical properties, and have excellent quality of wear resistance, no deformation and no cracking.

Post time: 07-20-2022