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Specific advantages of steel pipe induction heat treatment device

The steel pipe heat treatment equipment is an intelligent induction heat treatment equipment designed for quenching and tempering production of various types of pipe fittings.

Let’s take a look at the specific advantages of this intelligent steel pipe hardening and tempering furnace?

1. The steel pipe heat treatment equipment is designed and developed by a separate R&D team of Forever Electromechanical. Experienced induction heat treatment engineers combine years of technical experience and advanced induction heat treatment technology. The structure of the equipment is compact, the layout is reasonable, and the land occupied is small. In this valuable era, the steel pipe heat treatment equipment manufactured by Yuantuo Electromechanical does not waste every inch of the user’s production workshop.

2. The Steel pipe induction heat treatment furnace can be called a fool’s equipment, because the full load rate of the equipment is over 99%, and even if it runs continuously for 24 hours, it will not feel tired.

3. The equipment adopts IGBT frequency conversion and power regulation, which can accurately control the heat treatment parameters of the equipment. The equipment is equipped with a powerful and complete self intelligent protection system. Compared with other induction heating heat treatment equipment, the steel pipe heat treatment equipment of Forever Electromechanical can not only save energy and ensure safe production, but also reduce production costs for users.

4. The equipment can form a temperature closed-loop system through a far-infrared temperature measurement system and an intelligent control system, which can adjust the power size of the equipment. In addition, the equipment’s self rotating transmission system can achieve even heat treatment of the product. The temperature difference between the core and the surface is extremely small, ensuring that the heated metal workpiece meets national standards and user production needs.

5. The equipment can achieve automatic and mechanized production of the entire production line, including loading and unloading, as well as heat treatment, through a fully automatic intelligent control system, reducing the user’s investment in more labor costs and effectively improving the production efficiency of the equipment.

6. Forever Electromechanical Steel pipe heat treatment equipment can customize and produce various models and specifications of induction furnace bodies according to user production needs. The furnace body adopts an integrated quick change structure, allowing the heat treatment equipment to achieve a multi-functional effect and more convenient for user heat treatment production.

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