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Now more and more metal heat treatment manufacturers choose Induction heat treatment equipment  for Heat treatment furnace production, this new metal heat treatment furnace is easy to achieve economic and environmental benefits, the use of induction heating equipment for metal heat treatment processing has effectively improved the industrial value of work-piece, far extension electromechanical focus on the production of induction heating equipment for nearly 20 years, to achieve intelligent, environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving operations.

First, the induction heating equipment is produced efficiently, the speed adjustable induction heating equipment adopts frequency converter as the driving system, and the workpiece is used for production. The manufacturer of remote electromechanical induction heating equipment adopts one installation per shaft to prevent the damage of a single device from affecting the operation of the whole equipment, and can realize stepless adjustment, and the production of the whole induction heating equipment is reliable.

Second, induction heating equipment intelligent production, safety and heart-saving induction heating equipment can be equipped with automatic feeding, cutting mechanism, improve the mechanization of the whole equipment, automatic working ability, reduce manual demand, and configure PLC programmable control system combined with touch screen for centralized control of the whole induction heating equipment, with manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic control mode, one-button switching, simple and convenient production, high efficiency. And there is equipment fault detection and alarm system to ensure production safety.

Third, induction heating equipment meets the requirements of green heat treatment. Why is this induction heating equipment on fire? Because it is really an environmentally friendly metal heat treatment equipment, the induction heating equipment adopts the electromagnetic induction principle to heat, that is, to use electric energy to convert into heat energy, electric energy belongs to environmental protection energy, so induction heating equipment does not produce waste gas, waste smoke, heat wave and other pollution in the production process, which meets the requirements of green heat treatment.


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