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Solution and Service Provider of Intelligent Induction Heating System for PLC Automatic Temperature Control Induction Heating Equipment

PLC automatic temperature control induction heating equipment manufactured by Hebei FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has the functions of data recording, query and printing; automatic power and temperature closed-loop control; real-time monitoring and display of parameters such as heating of induction heating equipment; automatic fault prediction and alarm; remote centralized control of induction heating equipment; automatic generation of various data reports. 。 In order to inquire in future production!

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Characteristic of automatic temperature control induction heating equipment of FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical PLC:
1. Induction heating equipment, medium frequency quenching equipment, induction diathermy furnace and quenching and tempering heat treatment production line adopt unique coil design, which centralizes hundreds of induction sensors’design experience and advanced induction heating design technology, and adopts high-quality materials to achieve the best matching of efficient work.
2. The assembled inductor with half-folding convenience is the longest new type of energy-saving lining in China.
3. High efficiency and energy saving of induction heating equipment and low burning loss of billet. Without protective atmosphere, it can meet the requirement of precision forming of most billets. When the next process needs to stop for a short time, 4. Just press the heat preservation button to control, the billet can be automatically insulated.
5. The heating speed is fast, the production efficiency is high, and the hardness performance of the treated workpiece is consistent.
4. Intelligent induction heating power supply should be kept clean.


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