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Hebei FOREVER Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech energy-saving company focusing on research and development, production, sales and service of induction heating and heat treatment equipment. Depending on its own core technology, FOREVER Electrical Machinery and Electricity has continuously innovated and developed all-digital series of medium frequency surface induction quenching equipment and induction heating products with advanced level in the industry. The main products include steel rod Induction electric furnace, aluminium rod heating equipment, steel tube heating furnace, steel bar heating equipment, threaded steel quenching and heat treatment equipment, sucker rod quenching equipment, chain quenching and tempering equipment, etc. It covers all fields of induction heating. The product has the characteristics of simple operation, stable performance, safety and reliability, and remarkable energy-saving effect. It has successively provided products and energy-saving technical services for thousands of users of induction heating and heat treatment equipment.
drill rod heat treatment machine
Composition of surface induction hardening equipment of Yuantuo:
1. Intermediate Frequency Induction Heating Power Supply
2. Feeding mechanism (automatic feeding and turning device)
3. Discharge mechanism
4. Conveyor Roller (with Frequency Conversion Roller Device)
4. Induction heating system
5. Quenching spray system
6. Infrared Thermometer System (Ruiguang and American Leitai Brand Thermometers can be equipped according to your needs)
7. PLC console (including control technology and signal isolation control board and programmer)
4. Intelligent induction heating power supply should be kept clean.


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