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With the rapid development of science and technology, there are many kinds of induction heating equipment in the market at present, different induction heating equipment is suitable for different metal workpieces, so is steel billet reheating furnace which is widely used in all kinds of billet heating plants. Take on the responsibility of “top beam and column”, the following Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd., as the leading enterprise of the furnace, introduce the following factors such as equipment characteristics, price, manufacturers and so on.

Steel slab heat treatment line

The price of square billet reheating furnace has many kinds and functions, and the equipment configuration has its own characteristics, so that the production costs of different square billet reheating furnaces are different, in fact, there are many factors that affect the equipment price. For example, in terms of configuration, type, and market supply, there is little to be said here, because when investing in a user’s choice of equipment, the price is used as a reference element, here is a reminder that price should not be used as its sole criterion for measuring the good or bad of the equipment. If the price is high and stop, may include services, aftercare and other matters, not because the price is low and not excited, quality does not require how to do.

Characteristics of billet reheating furnace the billet heating furnace can heat up the metals of different specifications, such as steel billet, so that the heat of the production products is uniform and the phenomenon of oxidation decarbonization is less, which is beneficial to the heating application which meets the higher requirements. The electric heating equipment consumes less electricity and saves energy. High yield, simple maintenance and low maintenance cost. The range of equipment specifications can be produced with the design, increasing the flexibility of the equipment.

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