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Hebei YUANTUO Electromechanical, direct selling manufacturer, wholesale price, YUANTUO mechanical and electrical professional induction heating equipment engineer, tailor-made for you scientific, intelligent automatic slab heating furnace, slab induction heating furnace using new technology, medium frequency induction heating power control, with high production efficiency, low power consumption.


YUANTUO electric and mechanical steel slab induction heating furnace  has the following characteristics:

Air cooled induction heating power supply control, low power consumption, high production efficiency.

The slab reheating furnace has the advantages of high heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, saving material and cost.

The slab heating furnace has the advantages of uniform heating, minimum temperature difference between core and surface, high temperature control accuracy and high automation, which can realize automatic operation.

The stability, reliability and safety of the equipment ensure the normal and stable operation of the heating production line.

The closed-loop temperature control system of steel plate heating furnace, the infrared thermometer measures the heating temperature of the billet at the outlet of the induction furnace, and displays the heating temperature of the workpiece in real time. The qualified rate of the finished product is high, which ensures the consistency of the product quality. The slab induction reheating furnace has high success rate of start-up, it can start quickly under any load and temperature, and has perfect intelligent protection and fault diagnosis.

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