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seamless tube induction heating equipment

Traditional tube medium frequency induction furnace has the following disadvantages:

The quality is reliable, the working environment of the heating workshop is very poor, and the pollution is very serious.

Second, the output is small and the labor intensity of workers is high.

Third, it requires a lot of manpower, and the waste of human resources is serious.

Fourth, the production cost is high and the work efficiency is low.

Our full-automatic seamless steel pipe heating furnace  from Forever electromechanical manufacturer is innovative on the basis of traditional seamless tube heating equipment, and has the following advantages:

1. In production, the medium frequency induction heating furnace does not produce pollution when heating. Compared with the ordinary flame furnace, the furnace has high thermal efficiency.

2. Process energy saving. Medium frequency heating specific gravity oil heating saves 31.5% – 54.3% energy, and 5% – 40% energy than gas heating

3. The oxidation and burning loss of workpieces is small. The oxidation and burning loss of medium frequency heating forgings is only 0.5%, that of gas furnace heating is 2%, and that of coal-fired furnace is 3%. The medium frequency heating process saves steel.

4. The heating temperature is uniform and the quality is good. The waste rate can be reduced by 1.5% and the production efficiency can be increased by 10% – 30%.

5. The equipment is compact, covers a small area, infinitely saves space, and is convenient for maintenance. The heating furnace body of the equipment is modular and easy to replace.

6. High degree of automation, easy to achieve automation, save labor costs and improve work efficiency. The automation of the heating production line is realized, and the production capacity of the forging machine is brought into full play.



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Post time: 08-18-2022