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Seamless tube induction heating equipment

induction heating furnace  is a more advanced seamless pipe heating equipment in heat treatment industry at present. It adopts a mechatronics integrated structure design equipment, which integrates feeding, transportation, heating, blanking, control and other functional equipment. The overall coordination and cooperation is good, has a strong heating ability, adopts intelligent control, and the operation is simple, so once listed, it is favored by the majority of users.

Advantages of induction heating equipment

1. The utility model has the advantages of small area, high efficiency and seamless pipe heat treatment equipment designed by mechatronics structure. The overall structure of induction heating equipment is compact and reasonable, the performance is stable and reliable, and the equipment occupies less than 1 / 3 of the traditional equipment flame furnace, which is conducive to the rational use of space by users.

2. Closed-loop temperature control, production reliable seamless pipe heat treatment equipment configuration closed-loop temperature control system, infrared thermometer real-time monitoring metal steel pipe heating temperature, the system can automatically adjust the power supply, to ensure that the work-piece heating temperature is always within the target temperature range, to ensure that the steel pipe heating temperature is up to standard, and the processing quality is reliable. Intelligent system, environmental protection standard seamless pipe heating equipment customized according to customer needs, to meet the needs of different users, diversified needs.

3.The seamless tube quenching equipment adopts intelligent system, equipped with dust removal and noise reduction system, and the spray system does not affect the necessary condition of crushing, which reduces the amount of stone powder in sand making, so it is more environmentally friendly.

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The price of induction heating equipment is due to the seamless pipe heat treatment and quenching equipment, which includes fixed sand production line equipment.


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