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S45SC bar induction heat treatment line-quenching and tempering process

S45SC bar induction heat treatment line-quenching and tempering process

S45SC steel is carbon structural steel, hot and cold processing performance are good, mechanical properties are better, and it also has advantages of low price, wide source. Adopting induction heating technology for through heating and quenching, followed by induction heating diathermy heat and high temperature tempering. We can finish quenching and tempering process on the continuous operation in the production line.This method can be suitable for all types of carbon steel (including low alloy Steel) small and medium section size of the bars, pipes and shaft parts. This process has features of high productivity, small distortion, no decarbonization, no pollution, good product quality consistency as well as the production process is easy to automate and so on. Particularly suitable for mass production, so it is a preferred solution for quenching and tempering.

During the whole process of quenching and tempering, it request the entire section of the workpiece hardened, so that the workpiece cat get fine needle-shaped martensite-based microstructure. Through tempering at high temperature, sorbite-based microstructure was obtained. At present, the heat treatment methods for the rack material used for automobile steering gear are mainly heat treatment in the small furnace, the consistency of product quality is not good, the labor intensity is large, and the production efficiency is low. S45SC Bar Induction Heat Treatment Production Line is only one line of quenching and tempering that produces ø22-32mm * 6m bar by inductive heat treatment so far in China. This kind of induction heat treatment has been widely applied abroad.

Technical indicators for the S45SC induction heat treatment line

1. Raw materials: S45SC steel bar

2. Product Specifications: ø24-32, length 5.3-6 meters

3. Power consumption: about 380 degrees / ton (induction heating power consumption) does not include other machine consumption.

4. The hardness after induction heat treatment is HRC22-29 (surface to thecore )

5.The core microstructure: no continuous mesh ferrite precipitation

6.The radial runout within 0.4mm(each meter) after cutting

S45SC bar induction heat treatment line requirements:

1.Covering area: Equipment length is 55 meters, the width is 9 meters.

2. Installed capacity is 950KW: equipped with transformer capacity: 1100KVA

3. The amount of cooling water: intermediate frequency furnace water (tap water) cooling tower 150m3 / h, cooling sink 50m3 / h; water temperature requirements: inlet temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.

4. Compressed air: the amount of compressed air is 3m3 / min, pressure: 0.5Mpa,

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