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Research knowledge of Intelligent Metal Induction heating Heat treatment equipment

Hebei FOREVER electromechanical metal heat treatment equipment, Medium frequency heating equipment more than 20 years professional manufacturer, strength witness brand, online free access to metal work-piece such as steel bar, steel pipe, oil pipe, sucker rod, automobile stabilizer bar, plate, The related price of the induction heating equipment and the heat treatment equipment such as the special-shaped work-piece and the like, the high-pressure electro-mechanical metal heat treatment equipment, the innovasiveness and only the good product in the induction heating.

The research knowledge of remote extension intelligent metal heat treatment equipment: in the development trend of non-oxidizing heat treatment technology, controllable atmosphere heat treatment is the first. At present, the main means of heating, quenching, tempering, annealing and normalizing of carbon steel and general alloy structural steel are controllable atmosphere in the mass production of few varieties and mass production. Therefore, controllable atmosphere heat treatment is still the main part of intelligent advanced heat treatment technology. Its advantages are to prevent oxidation decarbonization of work-pieces, and other induction heating equipment on the market, such as automatic vacuum heat treatment, is a new type of heat treatment technology developed on the basis of vacuum technology and heat treatment technology. the whole process and part of the heat treatment quality are greatly improved compared with conventional heat treatment, which can realize non-oxidation, decarbonization and carburization to make the surface of the work-piece brighter, with the development of science and technology, Induction heat treatment has accounted for more than 85% of the market.

With the development of manufacturing industry in our country, the demand for high efficiency automation and high reproducibility induction quenching process equipment has increased greatly. Induction quenching heat treatment equipment is facing the development of nesting, compactness, on-line, flexibility, numerical control and automation, steel rod heating equipment, steel pipe heating furnace, aluminum rod heating equipment, bar heat treatment equipment, plate quenching heat treatment furnace, steel rod heat treatment furnace. Many induction heating equipment, such as sucker rod conditioning heat treatment equipment, bar forging diathermy equipment and so on, are controlled intelligently by man-machine interface touch screen.

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