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Requirements of induction heating equipment for cooling water

The induction heating furnace now basically adopts the cooling water as the cooling medium, and if the quality of the cooling water is too low, the Heat treatment furnace can cause the failure due to the cooling medium and influence the production efficiency.

The water contains too much impurities, and the cooling pipes such as capacitor, transformer secondary and primary will form scale. Especially at pipe joints and bends, it is more likely to form a scale restriction line. The cooling of components is affected and power components are damaged.

Too many impurities and too high hard crossing in water mean that the resistance of water is lower. The leakage current of rubber or polyethylene pipe increases with the decrease of impedance voltage of water pipe. Therefore, the loss power is also increased, which is easy to occur water pipe to the ground discharge breakdown or water pipe heating, slow down the aging of the water pipe, make the water pipe crack, leakage, fault, affecting the operation of the equipment.

The water supply pressure is too large, the secondary is easy to make the water pipe crack or rubber pipe and copper pipe joint easy to escape, the formation of defects. With the development of the equipment in recent years, the cooling mode of the equipment has also been greatly improved. Nowadays, plate heat exchanger, closed cooling tower, air conditioning water cooler and other cooling methods are widely used in the market. And after the use of hardened water, the water quality lost a great improvement. A large part basically deals with the problems caused by cooling water to the operation of the equipment.


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