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Reliable quality of medium frequency induction heating equipment

For more than 20 years, FOREVER Mechatronics has been producing Medium frequency heating equipment . The equipment has stable performance, quality assurance, affordable price and is deeply trusted by domestic and foreign users. The video case of 1000 sets of medium frequency induction heating equipment of FOREVER Electrical Machinery can be referred to for you. We have professional technical engineers to customize suitable medium frequency induction heating furnace and medium frequency quenching heat treatment equipment for you.

First, the medium frequency induction heating equipment has stable performance and affordable price.

Modern intelligent medium frequency induction heating equipment, medium frequency heat treatment equipment and old natural gas, gas, resistance furnace heating equipment compared with medium frequency induction heating equipment has stable performance, powerful function, more affordable. Intelligent induction heating equipment adopts PLC automatic control program with adjustable data and can control the production of the whole set of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment by one key start, saving a large number of people, ensuring quality, high production efficiency and affordable price.

Medium frequency induction heating furnace has complete functions

2. Intelligent upgrading of medium frequency induction heating equipment with reliable quality

1. Free transfer operation: equipped with crawler or sprocket drive device, it can operate efficiently, the workpiece runs uniformly and reliably.

2. Intelligent control: The whole machine integrates PLC control system, which can realize remote operation and safe operation.

3. Accurate temperature control: Double-color infrared thermometer is used to control the temperature of the workpiece. Real-time display shows that the heating is uniform and the qualified rate of the finished product is high.

4. Section steel frame structure, long service life.

5. The workpiece treated by medium frequency induction heating equipment has good uniformity, high consistency of hardness and plasticity.

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