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Regret not seeing the advantages and disadvantages of walking beam heating furnace?

Regret not seeing the advantages and disadvantages of walking beam heating furnace?

As the professional induction heating furnace manufacturer, Forever can make customized walking beam heating furnace according to customer needs. Professional induction heating furnace research and development team will design and produce the green energy-saving for you. Then do you know the advantages and disadvantages of walking beam heating furnace?

There are many advantages in the following aspects:

(1) Uniform heating. The number of billets in the furnace is variable when the furnace reaches a certain extent. In continuous reheating furnace, it is immutable, and the heating time will be limited. For example, when the output of the furnace is reduced to half, the heating time of the billet in the furnace will be doubled correspondingly, which is disadvantageous to some steels. The stepping furnace can change or keep the heating time unchanged by changing the billet spacing when the output of the furnace changes.

(2) Good heating quality. Because the space between billets can be reserved in the walking forging reheating furnace, the heating surface of billets is enlarged, the heating temperature is more uniform and the heating is uniform.

(3) Furnace length is not restricted. For continuous reheating furnace, the length of the furnace is limited by the pushing length, while the stepping induction furnace is not. And for the slender billet, round bar, bending billet which is not conducive to pushing steel can be heated in the stepping induction furnace.

(4) The walking beam heating furnace is easy to operate. The working conditions are improved, the billet inside the furnace can be withdrawn completely or partly from the furnace when necessary, and the opening time can be shortened; the heavy physical labor can be reduced because the steel is not easy to stick, and it is more convenient and flexible to cooperate with the rolling mill.

(5) The walking beam induction heating furnace can accurately control the position of the billet in the furnace and facilitate the automatic operation.

The main drawbacks of walking-beam furnace are higher cost than ordinary furnace, higher technical requirements for manufacturing and installation of walking beam heating equipment, large amount of infrastructure construction, higher configuration of feeding furnace, design of automatic intelligent control system, simple operation, human-machine interface PLC control program. Therefore, the cost is higher than that of the ordinary heating furnace.


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