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recommend a induction heating furnace of good quality

Induction heat treatment equipment  is one of the Heat treatment furnace with good sales in recent years. It can be used in the heat treatment of steel rod, steel pipe, steel plate, steel bar, billet, sucker rod, aluminum rod, copper rod and other metal work-pieces. By virtue of special electromagnetic principle heating mode, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, low carbon and other production and processing are widely used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, etc. Railway transportation and other industries, by the user’s affirmation and love.

With the rapid development of economy and the rapid development of various industries, there is more and more market demand for high-quality metal work-pieces, and the requirements for use are getting higher and higher. After several changes-structural improvement and technological upgrading, there has been a qualitative improvement.

1, the heating effect is upgraded, the machining quality is excellent-induction heating equipment is heated by electromagnetic principle, the heating efficiency is as high as 85%, and the whole equipment is equipped with infrared thermometer to monitor the heating temperature of metal work-piece in real time, which can automatically adjust the power supply power and the machining quality is excellent.

2, the heating speed is fast, the processing performance is good-the heat is directly produced from the metal work-piece by medium frequency current heating, the heat loss is small, the thermal efficiency is more than 95%, so the heating speed is fast, the heating time is short, the surface of the metal work-piece does not produce oxidation scale, decarbonization, burning loss and deformation and so on.

3, electromagnetic heating, economic and environmental protection is healthier-induction heating equipment adopts electric heating, because electric energy is a kind of environmental protection energy, there will be no waste gas, waste smoke and dust in the process of processing, and the environmental protection processing will be realized.

4, the price is more reasonable. The factory has the guarantee after sale-the FOREVER electromechanical induction heating equipment is successfully developed by the FOREVER Technical Research and Development Department from the advanced design concept and manufacturing experience at home and abroad, which is produced by the FOREVER processing workshop and sold directly by the FOREVER sales department. There is no intermediary link, the price is more cost-effective than the market price, more reasonable, and the factory induction heating equipment is directly responsible for the after-sale, providing technical support and more reliable. The product is guaranteed!

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Post time: 08-02-2019