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There are two ways to produce steel bars in industry: one is hot rolled steel bars, and the other is heat-treated steel bars. Their processes and costs are different, and rebar hot rolling production line  is customized according to the actual needs of customers. Let’s take a look at the difference between hot-rolled steel bars and heat-treated steel bars? Which is more expensive?


And tempering heat treatment after tempering. In the past, it was plain round rebar, but now it is rib rebar. It is not applicable to steel bars for welding and spot welding.

Heat treatment of reinforcement is to improve the strength of reinforcement. The strength has reached a certain level after we have worked out ways in terms of steel varieties and processing. On this basis, through the heat treatment process of steel, the mechanical properties such as the strength value of high-strength steel bars can be further improved. Therefore, the heat-treated steel bar is a steel bar with high strength. Hot rolled steel bars are: after heating to a certain temperature, the metal is easily deformed, and then it is rolled into steel bars. Therefore, the cost of heat-treatment reinforcement will increase correspondingly, and the price will be more expensive than that of hot rolling.

FOREVER electromechanical has specialized in R & D and production of metal heat treatment equipment for more than 10 years. Over the past 10 years, it has continuously carried out technological innovation. With excellent quality and perfect service, it has won the trust of customers. In 2012, it successfully produced 4000kW medium frequency and ultra audio induction heating production line for steel bar hot rolling for customers. One successful case after another is our publicity film of FOREVER  Electromechanical, It also proves to our customers that we have the strength and ability to protect their enterprises

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